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I.                    Who we are

a.       AB Internet Solutions.com® (AB stands for Amazingly Blessed®) we are focused on equipping enterprises with the tools and knowledge needed to compete in the new economy.  By utilizing the latest technology and understanding the needs of our clients we are able to make them more profitable by increasing productivity while decreasing costs.

II.                 What we believe

a.       We are a Christian organization and we believe that with your help we will be larger than AT&T, Coca-Cola, and BellSouth combined. 

III.               Current situation

a.       We are redefining the way business is done.  According to Fortune magazine major corporations focus more on the end consumer rather than their employees.  As a result many companies are closing their doors because the employees are not satisfied with the current management style and their attitude is passed on to the customers, which affects the stock price.

IV.              What we are doing

a.       We believe that the employees are actually team members and they are more important than our clients.  By giving the highest level of training, respecting them as equals and not subordinates, and not putting a limit on their earning potential.  We believe that our team members will treat our clients with the utmost respect and assist them in reaching their goals, not for a paycheck but because it is the right thing to do.

V.                 Qualifications of a team member


b.      Extremely intelligent and able to listen and uncover the needs of our clients.

c.       Able to market and develop new prospects (will train).

d.      Explain difficult jargon in simple terms.

e.       Very professional in appearance and behavior.

f.        Humble, able to accept correction and grow.

g.       Help clients make a decision.  The mere fact that a client gave us an appointment means that they want our services.  We just have to help them through their questions (objections) and get them started.  It is that simple.

h.       Knowledge of the Internet and Web Technology.

i.         Mature, able to take care of business with minimal baby-sitting.

j.        No Smoking.

k.      No Drugs.

VI.              What to expect

a.       Getting started may feel like learning how to fly a plane.

                                                               i.      Our concepts are new and we are currently working on patents to protect our intelligence.

                                                             ii.      To our knowledge no one is doing what we are doing.

                                                            iii.      If this is the right opportunity, you will be compensated for many generations.

b.      A family atmosphere. 

                                                               i.      We don’t believe in having a culture with unreachable chains of command.  Every one is important and we need your input.

c.       Unlimited potential.

                                                               i.      The Internet is creating a paradigm shift similar to the invention of the automobile.  There will come a time when almost all business will be conducted on the Internet.

                                                             ii.      The average web site is valued from $4,900 to $800,000 and they need monthly maintenance.

                                                            iii.      We will provide every tool and assistance possible to help our team of independent contractors grow.

                                                           iv.      Compensation.

1.      How much are you worth?

VII.            What to do

a.       Please send a current resume to Team@ABInternetSolutions.com

b.      Visit www.ABInternetSolutions.com

                                                               i.      You will have to sell us on upgrading our web site.  Be prepared to make recommendations.

c.       Read "How to Close Every Sale" by Joe Girard 

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