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Stay in Contact

Develop customer loyalty

Keep your customers coming back by promoting new products or services with newsletter campaigns which will reinforce your brand name

Get to know your customers

You'll get to know your audience better with a successful newsletter campaign.  A custom sign-up form for your Web site will collect both customer and demographic information.

Use your current customer information

It is now much easier to keep in contact with all of your customers.

Send rich HTML e-mail newsletters

By utilizing HTML newsletters we will be able to generate a 35% higher response rate than plain text e-mail. We send targeted HTML newsletters and ongoing correspondence that keep your customers up to date on your company. And for customers who do not accept HTML e-mail, regular text mail will be dispatched, ensuring your customers get a newsletter that looks great, no matter what kind of e-mail program they use.

Manage your newsletter marketing program

Your subscription gives you the ability to send up to 10,000 newsletters per month. Your customers can easily sign up for or opt out from the subscription — our newsletters do not allow spam. Subscriber maintenance is easy, and cancellations and invalid e-mail addresses are automatically handled so you are sure to have clean, relevant data.

Track your success 

You will stay on top of your progress with statistics on your campaign response.  

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